The Keio Journal of Medicine

Receptor technology - cell binding to P-15: a new method of regenerating bone quickly and safely-preliminary histomorphometrical and mechanical results in sinus floor augmentations
Andreas H. Valentin and J. Weber

Modern implantology involves the application and optimization of bone engineering biomaterials and scaffolds to achieve predictability in quality and quantity of the regeneration result and to avoid the high morbidity factor of the present gold standard. In this respect, acceleration of (woven) bone formation and completeness of the regeneration result seems to be an reasonable attempt by multiplication of the whole cascades by duplicating all phases of cell binding, migration, proliferation and differentiation. Collagen I is an extracellular matrix protein with multiple main binding domains for osteogenic progenitor cells and therefore plays a crucial role in osteogenesis. PepGen P15 is the first man engineered collagen I binding domain for potential osteoblasts and is able to multiply the complete regeneration cascade. The article explains the principles of micromolecular receptor enginering and its application in sinus floor augmentations as a preliminary report. It presents the first clinical and histomorphometrical results of this new technology in sinus floor elevations. The future potential of individual bone regeneration will be discussed.