The Keio Journal of Medicine

Past Issue
Contents of Past Issue
Vol 55 No 4
December 2006


Breeding and building molecules to spy on cells and tumors
......Roger Y. Tsien


Perspectives in Medical Education
3. Reforming medical education to change healthcare practice in Japan
......R Harsha Rao

Forensic aspects related to pediatric pathology - Medicolegal aspects of pediatric head injuries
......Roger W. Byard


Time course of cerebral blood flow changes following electroconvulsive therapy in depressive patients-measured at 3 time points using single photon emission computed tomography
......Harumasa Takano, Motoichiro Kato, Ataru Inagaki, Koichiro Watanabe
and Haruo Kashima

Meetings of The Keio Medical Society

Stem cell research at The German Primate Centre Goettingen - Projects and perspectives
......Thomas Mueller

Genetic testing in colorectal cancer: Who, when, how and why
......Nicholas O. Davidson

Basic aspect and clinical impact of anticancer drug paclitaxel
......Woo Man Han

Mouse embryo/sperm bank system
at the Center for Animal Resources & Development (CARD), Kumamoto University
......Naomi Nakagata