The Keio Journal of Medicine

Past Issue
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Vol 53 No 3
September 2004


The role of eggs, margarines and fish oils in the nutritional management of coronary artery disease and strokes
......Jules Constant

Interactions between medicines and functional foods or dietary supplements
......Noriaki Ohnishi and Teruyoshi Yokoyama

Peripheral B lymphocyte tolerance
......Amanda Gavin, Djemel AÏt-Azzouzene, Annica Mårtensson, Bao Duong, Laurent Verkoczy, José Luis Skog, Patrick Skog and David Nemazee
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Porifera a reference phylum for evolution and bioprospecting: the power of marine genomics
......Werner E.G. Müller, Heiko Schwertner and Isabel M. Müller

Receptor technology - cell binding to P-15: a new method of regenerating bone quickly and safely-preliminary histomorphometrical and mechanical results in sinus fl?oor augmentations
......Andreas H. Valentin and J. Weber


Japan's share of research output in basic medical science
......Mahbubur Rahman, Junichi Sakamoto and Tsuguya Fukui


IgD myeloma with systemic amyloidosis with chest discomfort as an initial symptom
......Masahiro Kizaki, Masaki Ieda, Toru Satoh, Norihiro Awaya, Yutaka Hattori,
Hiroo Kumagai, Shingo Hori, Taisuke Mori and Harsha Rao

Meetings of The Keio Medical Society

Trends in American medical education
......Karyn D. Baum and Sara Axtell

Analysis of the B cell repertoire against human cancers: what we have learnt from SEREX
......Michael Pfreundschuh

Tumor necrosis factor-mediated bone resorption
......Brendan F. Boyce, Qian Zhang, I. Raul Badell, Zhenqiang Yao, Li Fang, Ping Li, Teruhito Yamashita, Koichi Matsuo, Edward M. Schwarz and Lianping Xing

H2S as a novel gasotransmitter in cardiovascular system
......Rui Wang

Keio Igaku (Journal of the Keio Medical Society)

Psychopathological Study of Visual Representation in Schizophrenia
......Yoko Morimoto

Effects of collagen gel sandwich on functions and differentiation mechanisms in primary cultured hepatocytes
......Sayaka Inokuchi